Proudly providing secure and affordable supportive housing and support services for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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Double Your Donation – Twice for Fife

This holiday, share the magic of the season and give the Gift of Hope, Love, and Support to people and families living with HIV/AIDS. Donate in December and your gift will be matched by RPIA*.

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Call to Action: Wage Parity

Together with Ontario Nonprofit Network and other supporting agencies, Fife House advocates wage parity and its importance to the nonprofits as we continue to provide quality and accessible care for communities, meet increased needs, and address gaps in services.
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Recognize HIV can be an Invisible Disability

July is Disability Pride Month, where we celebrate and recognize the importance of people living with disabilities as diverse and unique ways of living in our society!
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Introduction to HIV

The Ontario Harm Reduction Network (in partnership with Fife House) created an 3-hour certificate module about HIV. Hear real stories from the lived experiences of people living with HIV, and why it matters.
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2021-2024 Strategic Plan

Our strategic themes and goals are organized into three areas of focus: Internal Operations, Service Development, Advocacy/Funding.
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Toronto Star Readers’ Choice Awards

Fife House Foundation reflects on our Toronto Star Readers’ Choice Award win.
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Ashley’s story

Just as Ashley was turning 25, she received an HIV diagnosis. Ashley’s relationship with her family had come apart, she moved away from her partner for safety reasons, and when she discovered she was pregnant, she needed emergency housing and access to health support services.
“I’ve been blessed with a miracle named Mataya.”
For Ashley, the idea of being a mother and living with HIV did not feel possible. The nine months she spent at Fife House's Transitional Housing Program prepared her for carrying and caring for Mataya. She says, finding access to medication is possible, though securing a place to store them and recover without worry presents a new set of challenges.
“Thankfully, the Transitional Housing Program at Fife House provided me with enough time to figure things out.  Without Fife House, I would have struggled significantly more.”

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