About Us

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Founded in 1988, Fife House is an innovative, client-focused provider of secure and supportive affordable housing and support services to people and families living with HIV/AIDS in the Greater Toronto Area. It is recognized as a North American leader in its delivery of services, which are focused on enhancing quality of life, building on individual strengths and promoting independence – recognizing that access to secure and affordable housing is a key determinant for the health and well-being of people living with HIV.

Each year, on average, Fife House serves more than 300 residents/clients through our supportive and transitional housing programs, and an additional 600+ clients through our various initiatives. 

In 2020, Fife House was awarded the Toronto Star Readers’ Choice Award Diamond Winner for Best Non Profit/Foundation.

Our Vision

Everyone living with HIV/AIDs has the right to quality, stable homes in a society free of stigma.

Our Mission

Fife House provides secure affordable housing and support services to anyone living with HIV/AIDs and works to achieve social change through research and advocacy that addresses systemic oppression.

Our Philosophy of Care

We provide our services in order to enhance quality of life, build on individual strengths and promote independence.

Fife House is committed to the principles of GIPA/MEPA, the objectives outlined in the Ontario Accord, and strives to embody these directives with care and compassion throughout all of our work.

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Our Values

At Fife House, we believe in the following values:

  • Access to secure and affordable housing is a key determinant for the health and well-being of people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Our services must be provided in a flexible manner in order to meet the diverse needs of residents, clients and those who support them.
  • Co-operation, collaboration and partnership with other service agencies is essential to the delivery of focused, cost-effective services.
  • Principles of equity, access and respect of diverse communities are the cornerstone to helping people living with HIV/AIDS thrive.
  • The meaningful involvement of diverse communities of┬ápeople living with HIV/AIDS is essential to building and leading our agency to bring about positive and lasting change.
  • Our research informs our direction through knowledge creation, transfer and exchange that lead to improved services that enhance the quality of health outcomes and lives for people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • All people have the right to live and work in an environment of mutual respect, compassion and dignity.
  • Hope is essential.
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Board of Directors & Leadership

Meet members of Fife House's volunteer Board of Directors, and our Leadership Team.

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Fife House is committed to transparency and accountability to community. Click here to view our Annual Reports and Audited Financial Statements.

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Our History

Founded in 1988, Fife House was established by a group of community members who were inspired by the story of George Fife, a local lawyer who lost his struggle with AIDS.

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Our Programs

Fife House strives to offer meaningful, caring and impactful programs and services that enable our clients to thrive.

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Our Impacts

From supportive housing to food security programs, and health and wellness initiatives, each year, Fife House serves hundreds of vulnerable community members and families living with HIV/AIDS.

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Our Events

Fife House hosts a number of events and campaigns throughout the year to raise funds for our programs and services, and to bring community together in celebration and learning.

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