Board of Directors

Board members, all of whom are volunteers, serve a two-year term with a maximum of three consecutive terms. To help ensure that the Board never loses sight of the realities of living with HIV/AIDS, the Board always includes at least two individuals who are HIV positive. If you are interested in volunteering with a local non profit, check out our other volunteer opportunities, here.

Adam Avrashi, Member – Development Committee

Adam Avrashi is an experienced video producer and director and has crafted some of the biggest entertainment and news shows in Canada. His working knowledge of the industry ranges from producing at CBC News Network to directing and producing Dragons’ Den, to spearheading a digital series for CBC, Next Gen Den. He has an in depth understanding of how people consume media and how to tailor content to reach and influence them.

Adam is currently responsible for leading productions across Shopify’s brand portfolio, including their flagship program, Build A Business. His expertise working with external partners and brands also extends to television partnerships and ads. Adam has overseen production of dozens of national television commercials for brands such as Canada Post, Harry Rosen and Scotiabank and has also integrated those brands organically into programming.

Adam is an accomplished written and verbal communicator, proficient in French and English. As a graduate of Concordia University in Montreal with a BA in journalism and a CBC Joan Donaldson scholarship winner, he has a strong understanding of 24-hour news cycles and how to craft media stories.

Lisa Crawley, Secretary – Executive Committee

Lisa Crawley graduated in 1992 with a diploma in nursing. Her passion has always been focused on HIV/AIDS, mental health/addictions and supporting the more marginalized members of our community. Returning to school, Lisa went on to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (2004) and Masters of Nursing (2013) from the University of Victoria. Her thesis was qualitative research focused on the experience of men who were homeless and their experience with health care workers. Since becoming a registered nurse, Lisa has held a variety of roles progressing into the management field. Over the last twenty-eight years, she has held positions at Casey House, the Centre for Addiction & Mental Health, St. Michael’s Hospital, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences and now in her current role as Nurse Manager of the inpatient psychiatric services at Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network. Lisa’s board experience includes being the Past-President of the Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses, Past-President of the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health as well as past board member of the Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada.

Paul Ellis, Member – Development Committee

Paul Ellis has been a member of the Development Committee for the past three years. He has been an active member and supporter of Queer community for decades. Currently he is a member of The Fruit for Community One.

Paul works as an Emergency Physician at the University Health Network and has been there for over two decades. He has worked in administration and on many advisory boards at the provincial and national level (Ontario Stroke Network and Mental Health Advisory Board for the Catch ED programme in the GTA). Currently Paul is involved in teaching the next generation of Physicians and Physician Assistants at the University of Toronto. He has a Bachelor and Masters of Science as well as MD and FRCPC certificates.

John Joseph Mastandrea, Member –Development Committee 

The Rev. Dr. John Joseph Mastandrea became Minister of the Congregation at Manor Road United Church in May 2019 after 19 years at Metropolitan United Church. Interfaith Toronto Police Services Police Chaplain for 51 Division. John Joseph cut his teeth in the Etobicoke area of Toronto and now resides in Cabbagetown, He has BSc. In Chemistry, M.Div.,M.R.E, M.A.M.S degrees , all from the University of Toronto. John Joseph completed his Doctorate from Chicago Theological Seminary, May 2010. Ordained in 1989, he is a certified Labyrinth Facilitator and Spiritual Director following in the footsteps of Ignatius Loyola and Teresa of Avila. John Joseph is the Toronto Police Multifaith Chaplain to 51 Division. Married in 2004 to his husband Bill Calkins. Recently John Joseph Co-Chaired of the Parliament of World Religions Toronto 2018.  November 2018 completed a course in First Nations Education. In September 2018, John Joseph received the Order of St. George.  John Joseph believes in nurturing body, mind and spirit. Monday to Friday at the local gym, reading and meditating daily weaves three key components of life. Nurture for self to nurture for others.  John Joseph has served congregations from the Maritimes, Saskatchewan, northern Ontario and rural Quebec to urban and suburban parts of the Greater Toronto Area. John Joseph was awarded the Queen’s diamond Jubilee medal in October 2012.

He represented Canada as a delegate to the World Council of Churches in Geneva, Switzerland, in February 1990. This year John Joseph says farewell to Metropolitan United Church after 19 years. The new pathway takes him to Manor Road United Church where he has been called. This June 2019 marked the 30th Anniversary of John Joseph’s anniversary of Ordination in the United Church of Canada. Today John Joseph seeks to meet people where they are and build the capacity for relationships between people in a diverse spectrum of society.

David McClure, Vice President – Executive and Development Committee 

David McClure became a member of the Fife House Development Committee in April 2015. He was voted on to the Fife House Board of Directors in March 2016.

He is retired from OMERS – The Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System. During his active work years he was employed as a Money Market Fixed Income Securities Trader.

Stefanie McQuaid, Board President – Executive and Development Committee

Stefanie McQuaid is a Senior Analyst with the Department of Justice and an active volunteer, supporter and donor in the LGBT community. Stefanie has been volunteering in the LGBT community for over 20 years with agencies such as Fife House, the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation and the LGBT+ Giving Network. Her volunteerism includes several leadership positions including the past president of Fife House, co-chair of the Friends for Life Bike Rally and chair of the LGBT Giving Network’s Philanthropy Conference. In addition to her Board and Board Committee participation, Stefanie is a member of the Sunday Meal Program at the Jarvis site.

Robin Rhodes, Member – Governance Committee 

Born and educated in the UK, Robin became involved, in the early 1980’s, as a volunteer with the London Lighthouse AIDS Hospice, the first of its kind in the world. It also offered many forms of drop-in support facilities for people living with HIV/AIDS. Robin recently retired from the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) after 15 years as community support programs coordinator. He was responsible for coordinating and overseeing a variety of client-centred programs and volunteers, managed a client caseload, and organized seven community health forums annually. Robin sits on several committees and participates in an advisory capacity on a number of community professional working groups and was an active Board Member of Myrmex Housing. For the past eight years he has been, and continues to be, a mentor with University College, University of Toronto student mentorship program, specifically in sexual diversity.

Gary Rogers, Treasurer – Finance and Governance Committee 

Gary Rogers is a chartered public accountant with ten years as a tax specialist in the Toronto and national offices of Deloitte followed by 29 years, including as CFO and Senior Vice President, at Credit Union Central of Canada, a federally regulated financial institution and national trade association for Canada’s credit unions.

Gary chaired the Board of SPRINT (Senior People’s Resources in North Toronto) – a provider of home care and community support services for seniors remaining in their homes – and has recently been treasurer of Care Watch Ontario, an advocacy group for better home care for seniors.

Recently retired, Gary joined the Fife Governance Committee in 2017 and the Finance Committee and Board of Directors in 2018.

Gail Sax, Member – Human Resources Committee

Gail Sax is a lawyer in private practice in Toronto. She held the position of Workers’ Rights Staff Lawyer at Parkdale Community Legal Services and worked in the provincial health care sector before entering private practice. Gail is certified in advanced Alternate Dispute Resolution. Prior to obtaining her law degree, Gail received a Masters of Fine Arts degree and worked in arts administration in Chicago, New York and Toronto. She has a long history of volunteer involvement in educational, cultural, and community organizations.

Andrea Tsuji – Ex-Officio, Interim Executive Director