• Fife House has been supported by many wonderful friends and family who share similar beliefs and some with lived experiences to help people living with HIV in finding affordable housing through our various programs and initiatives. To read the stories shared by some of our volunteers, donors, and staffs in how they find their motivation through supporting Fife House, click on the links below.
  • Reverend Dr. John Joseph has been officiating LGBTQ+ marriage ceremonies for many years and is leading Pride Interfaith on June 18th. We asked him why he volunteers at Fife House, how he remains motivated, and what he is most excited about at Pride.

  • Michael Ham, a committed employee at our Jarvis site, spoke with us about the essential work he does as a team lead support worker, what drives him to undertake this work, and the AIDS vigil he will be leading on June 21st.

  • Carla Sonny, a passionate employee that works as a program manager for Sherbourne Apartment and Transitional Housing Program. Here, she shared with us her personal goals, day-to-day schedule, and motivation that keeps her going.
  • Anderson Martins, was a full-time member of our Food Services team at Sherbourne Apartments, he now works as a Relief Member some days as he is on a new journey. “I am back to school with the skills gained during my time in Canada, and Fife House is 100% part of my decision to return to school. Without the support that I had from everybody, it would not have happened” Anderson spoke with us about his time at Fife House, the stigma that still surrounds HIV, and why the work we do is so important. 

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