Photo of an apartment building seen through a line of trees

Fife House has been supported by many wonderful friends and staff members – including those with lived experiences – who believe in and contribute to our mission to support the health and well-being of people living with HIV in finding affordable housing through our various programs and initiatives. The following are just a few of the many incredible stories shared with us by some of our volunteers, donors, and staff and what motivates them to support Fife House. 

  • Reverend Dr. John Joseph has been officiating LGBTQ+ marriage ceremonies for many years. We asked him why he volunteers at Fife House, how he remains motivated, and what he is most excited about at Pride.

  • Michael Ham, a committed employee at our Jarvis location, spoke with us about the essential work he does as a team lead support worker, what drives him to undertake this work.

  • Carla Sonny, a passionate employee that works as a program manager for our Sherbourne Apartments and Transitional Housing Program. Here, she shared with us her personal goals, day-to-day schedule, and motivation that keeps her going.

  • Anderson Martins, a member of our Food Services team at Sherbourne Apartments who also works as a Relief Staff Member on some days – shared with us a glimpse of his journey as a newcomer to Canada, the stigma that still impacts peoplE living with HIV, and how his experience at Fife House motivated him to return to school.

  • Stevie is a Two-Spirited Indigenous individual. They arrived in Toronto with no contacts in the city and had to stay in a shelter. This was a turning point in their life. Now, after 15 years in Toronto, they work as a Peer Case Manager with Fife House, drawing from their own experiences to provide compassionate care to individuals facing similar challenges, emphasizing the importance of genuine connections and creating safe spaces for sharing stories.

  • Arshiah is a dedicated volunteer for over 10 years at Fife House, has made an indelible mark on our organization’s mission. Her commitment radiates purpose and fulfillment, fueling our efforts to break down barriers for the communities we serve. She’s witnessed clients’ transformative journeys from the brink of homelessness to empowerment, sparking a virtuous and positive cycle of giving back and community service. Arshiah’s enduring and exemplary dedication inspires us, and we are grateful for her contributions and those of our many past and present volunteers. 


  • Raj plays a crucial role in providing support to individuals living with HIV who are in search of supportive housing. Raj conducts thorough intakes, meticulously addressing the unique needs of each client arriving at Fife House. Raj, we are so grateful for the invaluable work you do. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of those we serve.