Michael Ham

Michael Ham, a committed employee at our Jarvis site, spoke with us about the essential work he does as a team lead support worker, what drives him to undertake this work, and the AIDS vigil he will be leading on June 21st.

Ham says he came into this work for very personal reasons.

“My best friend was on the verge of dying.  Before his death, I was conducting unofficial support work. But dealing with HIV-positive people gave me a feeling of purpose and joy.”

Through this work, he says what’s important are the connections we create, through these we connections, we form a family and community.

Through our work we help people achieve stability. It’s often through the little things, like making a call and providing reassurance that people are not alone.” 

More importantly, he says, it’s about being present so people aren’t as afraid.

The AIDS Vigil, which will take place on June 21st, will be led by Michael. He claims it is significant to the community, and he refers to it as tradition. Most importantly, he says, it acknowledges and recognizes those who are still alive, those who have survived, those who have grieved, and those who are still thriving.

Thank you for your service at Fife House. Our mission would not be possible without the dedication of our devoted employees like you, Michael.