Happy International Women’s Day to each and every one!

A message from Nadine Sookermany, Executive Director of Fife House.

I always take a moment on International Women’s Day to honour all of the amazing women, trans women and non-binary people who have come before me. Their contributions and activism have paved the way for me, and others like me, to take on roles we never imagined we would, or could.

At Fife House, we acknowledge the intersection of gender and living with HIV, along with the gendered nature of poverty and homelessness in Toronto and beyond. We are particularly proud of our very own Sorauren House – which houses women living with HIV specifically. We look forward to exploring partnerships with agencies like The Redwood Shelter, WHAI (Women and HIV/AIDS Initiative – WHAI | Home , and most specifically our own learning and input on the Because She Cares Project –ACB Women | HIV Work as Caring Work | Because She Cares | Toronto which focuses on African, Caribbean and Black women living with HIV – and their experiences with un/employment.

A bit more about the project – HER: the ten (10) African immigrant women living with HIV (a.k.a. The “Narrators”)  have shared their stories of HIV service work as caring for them and uncaring of them. In sharing her-stories, the project hopes to foster critical reflection, collective discussion, and action towards making HIV service work that supports and cares for African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) women living with HIV safer.

To learn more about the impacts of living with HIV for women, trans women and non-binary people, visit:

WHAI | Populations Most Impacted

COVID 19 & Women Resources – WHAI Toronto

Microsoft Word – FACT SHEET (HIV and AIDS) – Aboriginal Women and Girls.docx (snuneymuxw.ca)

The link between intimate partner violence and HIV | CATIE – Canada’s source for HIV and hepatitis C information

Women and HIV — HIV Legal Network

Trans Women Living with HIV | The Well Project

Thank you for your commitment to acknowledging and addressing how living with HIV impacts women, girls, trans, non-binary and two-spirit people at Fife House and beyond.

In solidarity, as always – Nadine