Call to Action: Wage Parity

Together with Ontario Nonprofit Network and other supporting agencies, Fife House advocates wage parity and its importance to the nonprofits as we continue to provide quality and accessible care for communities, meet increased needs, and address gaps in services.

Wage disparity between community care jobs in nonprofits are hurting the communities we serve. This means longer wait times, gaps in services, and intense pressure on our organizations to take on more with less. Unequal funding for community care is preventing nonprofits from being competitive to retain talented workers, providing fair and adequate wages, benefits, and working conditions to frontline staff.

By advocating to the government, together with families and communities, we can better support and keep talented workers in our sector and focus on our missions as care work is essential for the health and well-being of communities across Ontario.

Here are some ways you can take actions to support the working conditions for frontline staff:

  • Share stories of how wage disparity hurts the communities you serve with your local media.
  • Talk to your peers and networks about wage disparity and how you can mobilize together on there commendations for nonprofits.
  • Organize with communities you serve – families, parents, individuals, caregivers, care receivers -on the importance of high quality care.

For more details about Wage Disparity Campaign, click here to review the report created by Ontario Nonprofit Network.