Esa’s Story

Image of the front of a red brick house, and the entrance door painted in beige.

"In February, I spoke with Fife House staff, Mia, in regards to a few problems I was experiencing in my life. I found myself in a tough situation experiencing homelessness, depression and physical illness. I was battling my identity; trying to find myself and where I fit in. These issues were something I couldn't speak to anybody about, but I felt really comfortable speaking with Mia in trying to get some help.

Mia was very attentive. She listened to all my problems and introduced me to other members of the team at Fife House. Everyone was so amazing and took the time to hear my story, help me in my struggles, and guide me in the right direction to get my life on track. I paid many visits to the office where I was greeted and welcomed, every time, with a smile and someone to talk to about whatever it is I was going through. The team assisted in setting me up with the doctor to work on my physical health and a psychiatrist to work on my mental health.

Although life in a shelter was challenging, it was much better than being out in the cold. The Fife House team constantly checked up on me to make sure I was okay and getting the help that I needed. By the end of February, the team had helped me get into a shelter, which was very difficult to do at the time, and which I am forever grateful for as I was really struggling to get by.

In May, I received a call letting me know there was a place available for me to check out, and by July I was able to move in. I'm so thankful and forever grateful to the whole team for turning things around and making a huge impact on my life."