Noah’s Story

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Please consider making a gift so that others can enjoy the warmth and security of a place to call home.

Noah is a current client of our Huntley Transitional Housing Program, which is home to one of three Managed Alcohol Programs in the city. Noah worked at a high stress job. The stress led him to drink at the end of each day as a way to relax. As his drinking continued, he started missing work, which caused him to lose his employment. During this time, Noah was diagnosed with HIV. With no way to advocate for himself, and with little support, Noah lost his housing.

“I lost absolutely everything.”

Noah could not find support for his alcohol use. It became so severe that his health rapidly deteriorated. These factors, combined with being homeless, led him to a four-year stay at Canada’s largest emergency shelter for men. While their managed alcohol program provided support for his drinking, living at an emergency shelter was not easy for someone with complex health issues. In 2018, Fife House began working with the City of Toronto to identify individuals like Noah – people living with HIV and trapped in the shelter system – who could benefit from the services offered by Fife. One of our Case Managers spent months working closely with him to successfully transition him out of the shelter and into our Huntley program.

“I’m not alone! It is amazing to have a safe place to call home.”

Without the managed alcohol program at Huntley, Noah insists he would most likely be drinking on the street. Our innovative program, which is done in partnership with the City of Toronto and other sector leaders, provides him with medically supervised doses of alcohol daily.

Noah has now lived at our Huntley location for more than a year and he has received housing support, clinical care and intensive case management. The program focuses on recovery, rehabilitation, life skills development, harm reduction, and supporting pathways to long-term housing and supports in the community.

Noah is just one example of success for our clients when they have Hope, Help and a Home.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT – more of our clients are homeless longer, sleeping in the rough and experiencing fractured care, support and community connections.

Noah is proof that your generosity creates lasting change

Since we first opened in 1988, demand for our services has continued to grow. With your help, we can go above and beyond with clients like Noah and all of the individuals and families who connect with our programs and services annually.

Your support can help others in need.

*Noah’s name was changed in this letter to protect his identity. Many of our clients continue to face stigma and discrimination for their HIV status and/or substance use.