Xica’s Story

Image of the front of a red brick house, and the entrance door painted in beige.

Photo of a a young woman with a large smile. She is wearing a blue, open shoulder top, with large blue and purple earrings. She is outdoors. Behind her is a group of people at a march or rally.

“My name is Xica.  I am a 38 year old Trans Woman. Since my arrival in Canada, things have gone up and down and when they couldn’t go up anymore I found myself homeless, ostracized and suffering with stigma, discrimination and harassment. I found myself on the edge ready to call it quits, but then Fife House opened its doors for me and everything changed for the better. I started regaining hope that things were not all lost for me and that I could live a dignified life for once. Living with HIV and Fibromaylgia has its challenges when you are a Trans person; however I am proud to say that I am able to keep up with my ailments thanks to the variety of diverse programs run by Fife House such as the massage, arts and food programs.

Fife House has also been key to my social justice capacity building with its peer leading training that helped me find a part time position as a peer leader and outreach worker where I am able to do meaningful work for my community. I now am able to have a voice and be heard for all those that don’t have a chance.

All these amazing things could not have ever been possible without the support of the Fife House community where I feel at home, finally safe.”