Charitable Giving on Facebook – Birthday Fundraisers




Help us in our mission to provide secure and affordable supportive housing and support services for people living with HIV/AIDS by creating a birthday fundraiser on Facebook. We receive 100% of the proceeds raised through Facebook fundraisers.



Here are four simple steps to setup your own birthday fundraiser for Fife House.



You’ll probably want to know ahead of time: how much you want to raise, how long you want the fundraiser to run for and any images that you want to use in place of the stock image provided by Facebook.



Step 1: Click this URL to start setting up your birthday fundraiser.





You should see this screen pop up. You’ll need to type in Fife House Foundation and select it from the drop down menu, decide on how much to fundraise and when the fundraiser will end.



Step 2: After filling in who you’re raising money for, how much to raise and for how long, click next. You should see the following screen:





Here you can change the title or customize your messaging.



Step 3: Click next. You should then see the final screen in the fundraising setup:





On this screen you decide what the cover photo should look like. There are some stock options or you can use one that you like via the Edit icon highlighted in the image above.



Step 4: You’re done! You’ve just created a birthday fundraiser on Facebook. Now you can invite your friends to give in your honour in support of a valuable cause!



Fife House is extremely grateful to the donors who support our mission to provide supportive housing and support services to people living with HIV/AIDS in Toronto. For additional information around Facebook charitable giving, click here.



Is Facebook charitable giving not the right fit for you? Consider making a donation here instead, or organizing a 3rd party fundraising event offline.