Shady Queens

For four years, Fife House has produced Shady Queens, our hit sold-out drag show at The Danforth Music Hall in support of Fife House’s programs and services. Thank you to all of our attendees and fans who have help raised more than $500,000 for people living with HIV/AIDS in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there will not be a Shady Queens show in 2020, as Fife House continues to adhere to social distancing protocols mandated by Toronto Public Health. 



Fife House launched our Shady Queens Store in collaboration with Flamingo Market Toronto! We have three versions of the Shady Queens fan for sale at $25 each, including our new Pride Edition and all sales support Fife House’s programs and services! Please be sure to select FREE PICKUP from our friends at Glad Day Bookshop if you live in the Greater Toronto Area.