Fife House partners with Canadian Stage

Photo of 3 men wearing white standing in front of a blue background. Words above them says The Inheritance written by Matthew Lopez, Part 1 & 2.
Fife House is pleased to partner with Canadian Stage on its upcoming production of the award-winning two-part play, “The Inheritance.”

Fife House Partners with Canadian Stage

Special flyer for the Inheritance. Includes photo of the principal actors and the 40% off discount code for tickets: FIFE40 Fife House is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Canadian Stage on its upcoming production of the award-winning two-part play, “The Inheritance,” which will be staged at The Bluma Appel Theatre on Front Street from March 22 to April 14, 2024.

“Canadian Stage is thrilled to partner with Fife House for The Inheritance. We are deeply moved by the dedication of all the individuals who work and volunteer to support those living under challenging conditions and the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. The play features a house where gay men provide shelter and care to others like them. The Inheritance is both a place and state of the soul. Finding your path by helping others is a mighty bell that reverberates from your House to ours. We are grateful to have you on our side, providing our audiences with accurate information and expertise about HIV/AIDS.”Brendan Healy, Artistic Director, Canadian Stage

Hailed as a modern masterpiece, The Inheritance swept the Tony Awards in 2020. For its Toronto production, the plays are being directed by Canadian Stage Artistic Director Brendan Healy.

The Inheritance reimagines E.M. Forster’s Howards End as a contemporary portrait of the lives of a close-knit group of friends and lovers in New York City.  Eric and Toby are 30-somethings who seem to be in love and thriving. But on the cusp of their engagement, they meet an older man haunted by the past and a younger man hungry for a future. Chance meetings lead to surprising choices as the lives of three generations collide—with explosive results.

Fife House staff and volunteers will be present at a number of the show dates to raise awareness about Fife House, its mission and work, and to also invite theatre patrons to support the organization by making contactless or online donations. Fife House’s Executive Director, Nadine Sookermany, will also be speaking at the Pre-Show event on Friday, March 22, alongside colleagues from Toronto People with AIDS.

We are also thrilled that Canadian Stage has generously offered a discount code (FIFE40) for 40% off ticket prices to the shows for Fife House’s supporters, staff, clients and volunteers. Make a date with your loved ones, family and friends and get your tickets today! We look forward to seeing you at the show!

To learn more about the play or to purchase tickets, visit the Canadian Stage website at

Photo credits: Antoine Yared, Stephen Jackman-Torkoff, Qasim Khan. Photo by Dahlia Katz.