Thrive $6.65 Donation Letter

Dear Keith:

Fife House`s recent campaign ``can you thirve on $6.55`` to raise awareness for what it`s like for people living below the poverty line, struck a chord with me.

I live in the Church and Carlton neighbourhood and follow our City Councillor, Kristyn Wong-Tam on Twitter, so  I was intrigued when I read her tweets about how she was handling the challenge.   Inspored by Kristyn, I decided to try it for myself and tell my company about it.

In the lead up to Earth week, last week, our office had a `green challenge`- ride your bike to work, turn off your computer, recycle more, etc.  - the usual stuff.  But I decided inistead to focus on the community aspect of our corporate social responsibility values and blog about my attmpts to thrive on $6.55.

It was difficult.  And an eye opening experience for me.

Keith, I am not naïve or arrogant enough to say that I now know what it means to be hungry, I don`t.  And I hope I never will.  But the challenge was an approximation of how thousands of Torontonians live every day with a constant, unwelcome companion, and that`s hunger.

The challenge changed me.  I pledged to my co-workers and staff that I would donate the difference between what I would normally spend on food in a week and  the $6.55/day that I spent during the challenge.

Pleasse find enclised a cheque for $200.

I hope this small amount willl be helpful to your clients at Fife House.