Thrive $6.65

Could You Thrive on $6.65?


Every day, Fife House clients cope with the reality of having only $6.65 to spend on food; a tough task considering steady increases in prices. From Saturday, March 22nd to Sunday, March 28th 2015, senior staff, board


Members and stakeholders of Fife House will drastically restrict their personal food budgets to $6.65 a day to help understand and draw attention to, the poverty and struggle of Fife House’s clients; most of whom live below the poverty line.

This year, the team taking part in Thrive $6.65 will be raising $1500. These funds will provide a free monthly meal to people in a Fife House residence. Select the donation you would like to make on the right side of this page from the drop-down menu and click add to cart. Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more.

Help our team reach their goal and contribute to the meal program at Fife House today!  

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