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Fife House has partnered with, a not-for-profit charity portal and a registered public foundation that seeks to promote and facilitate philanthropy through online giving.

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How do you donate?

All you have to do is click the 'donate now' button above and follow the instructions. All information entered is strictly confidential and securely protected, and donor information is only provided to the charity to which the donation has been made.

How do donors get a receipt?

Donations made through the website are treated in the same way as regular receiptable charitable donations. The Canadian Revenue Agency has approved the use of electronic tax receipts. Usually within minutes of successfully completing a donation, the donor receives an e-mail notification confirming the transaction. Because is a registered public foundation, donors receive their e-receipt from, not Fife House. The donation is processed and funds are directed to the Fife House bank account.

Can donors make an anonymous donation?

Yes. All that is required is that the donor checks the appropriate box when prompted and anonymity is guaranteed.

Fife House has partnered with a new initiative called ChangeIt.  This program allows you to donate just by rounding up purchases on your BMO Mastercard whenver you use it.


How Does It Work?

ChangeIt® lets you automatically round up your debit, credit, or mobile wallet purchases and donate the difference to causes you care about. It's the easiest way to give and getting started is simple.

  • Register your card
  • Choose one or more charities
  • Set your monthly rounding limits

Watch your small change make a world of difference!

You can track your donations online, control your rounding preferences any time and even set a monthly maximum. You'll also receive monthly giving summaries and an Official Donation Receipt for Income Tax Purposes for every penny you donate. It's a small change in your life that could make a huge difference for so many others.


Fife House will issue receipts for donations of $20 or more.  Your entire ndonations for any given calendar year will be receipted at the end of the year as a cumulative total (unless you indicate to us otherwise). Thsi will consolidate all your doantions, saving you the task of keeping various receipts until tax time.

PLEASE NOTE:  ChangeIt only forwards donations to us on a monthly basis when more $20 or more has been donated from all sources.

Want to try this new, easy way to use small change to make a BIG DIFFERENCE?

Click on the DONAT Button and register as a Fife House Supporter!



Donate Now Through!\