Women, HIV & Aging Study

This community-based research study was developed by Fife House, in collaboration with Wilfrid Laurier University, Toronto People with AIDS Foundation, Two-Spirited People of First Nations, and Loft Community Housing, further supported by AIDS Committee of Durham Region, Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention, and Older Women’s Network. The issues of women aging with HIV continue to be marginalized and subordinated within HIV research, policy, service provision, and program development. Their underrepresentation within HIV/AIDS research perpetuates the absence of their experiences, which can inform programming, policy and decision making. Grounded in the principles of GIPA and MIPA, this study ensured greater and meaningful involvement of PHA’s at all levels in the research process. Peer research associates (PRAs) received training and were engaged in qualitative interviewing, data collection, data analysis and will be engaged in dissemination of study findings.

Study Objectives

  1. To identify the individual and structural barriers to social support and health care services that women aging with HIV/AIDS experience.
  2. To understand the intersection of sexuality and socially constructed gender roles and responsibilities and decision making for women aging with HIV/AIDS.
  3. To explore the issues of stigma as experienced by women aging with HIV/AIDS.
  4. To document the variation in experiences of aging aboriginal, visible minority and other women living with HIV.

For A Summary of Findings and Recommendations of the Study CLICK HERE.