Supportive Housing Programs

Fife House operates three Supportive Housing Programs that offer support services through a network of qualified staff and volunteers:

  • Jarvis, an 82 unit apartment building;
  • Denison, a residential program for 5 individuals; staff also provide support services to 14 persons at two non-profit housing programs;
  • Sherbourne, an integrated apartment building with 45 units designated for People Living With HIV/AIDS (PHAs).
  • Addictions Supportive Housing is a housing first model to assist PLHA with substance use issues.

Over the last year, we provided support services to 210 residents/clients through the Supportive & Transitional Housing Programs and to an additional 360 clients through our Homeless Outreach Program.


Staff meet regularly with residents to review needs, plan action steps and assist with applications and paperwork.

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