Fife House and our partners, WoodGreen Community Services and the Wellesley Institute, operate our newest residence.

The Sherbourne Street building (or Wellesley Central Residences Inc.) has 112 apartment units: 56 for people living with HIV/AIDS and operated by Fife House; and 56 for seniors and operated by WoodGreen Supportive Housing. Residents in the building are integrated on each floor. The building also includes a roof-top healing garden, community kitchen, communal lounge and ground floor patio. The vision is to create a safe, supportive environment of acceptance and tolerance for all residents of the building.

The supportive housing programs operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week providing personal support, homemaking and coordination services. The apartments are a combination of bachelors, one and two bedroom units. This means that for the first time in Fife House's history, we are able to provide housing to families living with HIV/AIDS.

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