Transitional Housing Program

Fife House operates a Transitional Housing Program (THP) that provides 11 individuals with private units in a communal living and dining space with 24-hour support services.

The Transitional Housing Program assists individuals in finding suitable permanent housing through intensive case management addressing finances, health care, housing, social recreation and transportation.


Views of a typical unit in THP, communal dining room and computer area:




Needs and Supports in Transitional Housing for People Living with HIV/AIDS in
Ontario, Canada

A recent study has just released its findings regarding transitional houising for PHAs in Ontario.   The work presented
here attempts to address the paucity of research on transitional housing for people living with HIV/AIDS (PHA). It is based on findings from the Transitional Housing Study (THS), a
research collaboration involving PHA, housing service providers, AIDS service organizations (ASO), and university researchers.


To read the full text of the report CLICK HERE.


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