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Highlights from 2022 — 2023

Thanks to the support of community, donors, partners and the dedication of staff and volunteers, we have together, been able to make a significant and meaningful difference in the lives of hundreds of persons and families living with HIV/AIDS in the past year.

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The Year in Numbers

Total Number of Clients served in fiscal year 2022: 983
Evictions Prevented: 17
Prepared meals provided to clients: 7,496
Total units of service provide: 40,801
New clients housed in 2022: 148
Referrals and Intake Forms Completed: 133
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“Finding an apartment in Toronto has been nothing short of a challenge…. I spent months [searching], only to face disappointment each time. The process has been emotionally draining… I was referred by a public health nurse to Fife House and I went through the intake process for supportive housing and I was put on a waitlist. When things got difficult and there still wasn’t vacancy at Fife House, Raj, the Housing Worker at Fife House connected me to another agency and with his support, I eventually got an apartment… In this sea of uncertainty, I’m thankful for the support I received from Fife House, my housing worker and friends…”

~ Prossy, Client

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“I came to Fife House as a client in October 2015. Mine was a success story about how the system is supposed to work. I was housed by December of that year! My worker at the time suggested that I would benefit from becoming a volunteer. It would be a chance to meet some people, as Toronto hadn’t been home for quite some time… And my worker was right. I enjoyed being on reception – answering the phones, interacting with the staff and the clients, sharing my current knitting project. It felt good to be able to share my story as a Peer… Volunteering at Fife House has continued to provide me with some structure in my life, a chance to help others, and a safe place to be me, knitting and all.”

~ Brian, Volunteer

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“I was initially introduced to Fife House by my late husband, Sylvanus. Through him, I learned about the organization’s important mission and met its dedicated team of staff and volunteers.

Witnessing the profound impact Fife House had on Sylvanus’ life was remarkable, he had space to engage in meaningful learning experiences, rebuild his self-confidence, and make a positive difference in the lives of others in ways that continue to inspire me.”

~ Aryo, Donor

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"Let's Talk" City Elections Town Hall Meeting

On October 5, 2022, Fife House collaborated with our organizational partners in the Downtown East to host a public town hall where members of the community could meet with candidates vying for the Ward Councillor position in the upcoming city elections to discuss issues like housing, houselesness, mental health, substance use and harm reduction. Ward 13 City Council Elections Discussion video.

Several people posing for a group photo in front of a sign that says IAS International AIDS Conference 2022

Presentation at the 2022 International AIDS Conference

A delegation of Fife House peers and staff represented the organization at th International AIDS conference held in Montreal in July 2022. Fife House staff and peers with lived experience of HIV hosted a panel at the event’s Canada Pavilion with a session titled, “Finding (our way back) Home: A peer-driven discussion on HIV and Housing.” Click here to watch our IAS video.

Downtown East Community Agency Gathering

In January 2023, Fife House hosted the first gathering of community agencies operating in the Downtown East. The event was an invaluable opportunity for staff from various agencies to connect, discuss pressing issues, share plans and strive to coordinate responses to issues affecting the community.

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Union Ratification

In March 2023, after several months of planning and discussions, frontline staff at Fife House ratified the union collective agreement in March 2023. This development was a significant step forward in Fife House’s strategic goal of creating a meaningful and supportive working environment that provides staff with a “living wage” and equips them to thrive in their roles.

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Return of Breakfast Club & In-Person Community Programs

The easing of pandemic restrictions meant that in-person wellness and community building activities for residents and clients could finally resume! For instance, residents at our Sherbourne location were thrilled for the return of Breakfast Club, which allowed them to convene, have a hearty breakfast together and enjoy each others company.

Ward 13 City Council Elections Discussion

2022 AIDS Conference Montreal

Black History Month Community Gathering