Program Focus Friday : Huntley Transitional Program – Case Management

Fife House’s Case Manager for the Huntley Transitional Program, Rachel, discusses her journey with Fife House and what the Huntley Transitional Program means to her :

“I started working at Fife House when the Huntley Residence was still being built. My job was to start Case Management and find individuals living in the shelter system that would be a suitable fit for the residence. As I started meeting the men that would become residents, I realized how unique the Huntley THP would be. The Huntley Residence is a place of flexibility, of meeting people where they are at and open communication around mental health, substance use and so much more. Huntley means everything to me because it’s a place that these men can call home, and it is.” says Rachel, Case Manager at the Huntley Transitional Housing Program.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of staff like Rachel, Fife House is able to continue providing Hope, Help and Home to some of Toronto’s most marginalized populations even during these crucial times. To Learn More About the Huntley Transitional Program, visit