Program Focus : Homeless Outreach Program

Fife House’s Intake Case Manager for the Homeless Outreach Program, Robert Rowe, discusses how he continues to connect and support clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘In my role as an intake case manager, I conduct comprehensive assessments to connect clients made vulnerable to housing and case management supports. Navigating access to housing supports during the COVID-19 pandemic can feel like an impossible task but Fife House has explored creative opportunities for clients to not only connect to services but navigate these services without jeopardizing the safety of clients or its staff.

This crisis has presented an opportunity to create more inclusive and stable supports for our clients living in high-risk conditions. While there are unprecedented challenges, there is a collective solidarity not only within Fife House but with our partner community agencies to bridge service gaps and barriers.

The current moment is challenging and our future uncertain but I am glad that Fife House continues to support clients in times like these.’ – Robert, Intake Case Manager, Homeless Outreach Program

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of staff like Robert, Fife House is able to continue providing Hope, Help and Home to some of Toronto’s most marginalized populations even during these crucial times. To Learn More About the Homeless Outreach Program, visit