Addictions Supportive Housing Program

A Partnership between Fife House and LOFT McEwan Housing and Support Services.

The Addictions Supportive Housing Program (ASH) is a ‘Housing First’ partnership between LOFT McEwan and Fife House. ASH addresses gaps in service for homeless persons living with HIV/AIDS who experience health, mental health and severe substance use challenges, who cycle between hospitals, prisons, and detoxification beds. Fife House manages 37 units of rent-supplemented housing through head leases throughout the City of Toronto. LOFT McEwan provides the intensive case management supports on a ratio of 8:1.

“Words can’t begin to express the gratitude I have for you and the entire ASH program. I know I was not an easy person to work with, in fact I know I was almost impossible at times to support. However, your support was unwavering, you never flinched. You guys saved my life. That’s been well established, and said before. However, you guys did so much more than that, you built me a completely new life. It’s a life I never could have imagined, and the best part about it. I feel like the future for me is limitless. Thank you, thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.”    -ASH client

The ASH program supports clients in buildings throughout central Toronto.