Coordinated Access & Applications

The Coordinated Access to HIV/AIDS Housing and Supports Initiative Program

This intiative is a Fife House – developed intake and assessment tool for all HIV-related housing and case management supports for people living with HIV/AIDS experiencing or, at risk of, homelessness. Currently, there is a formal partnership agreement with eight housing and support service providers.

In 2019-2020, the initiative received 225 referrals. Of these, 176 completed full coordinated intake and assessments for housing supports. The core success of this initiative has been the creation of a single access point designed to get clients to the right services at the right time.

This partnership is aligned to Access Point and is the portal for all intakes and referrals. To apply for our programs and services, please fill out the Coordinated Access Screening Tool.

Fax or email the completed form to Margaret Bilson, Coordinator of the Coordinated Access for HIV/AIDS Housing Supports Initiative at 416-205-9919 or