Homeless Outreach Program

The Homeless Outreach Program (HOP) is Fife House’s largest program with over 350 active clients. Fife House has been a leader in providing services to people living with HIV/AIDS who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness. HOP provides housing search, placement, eviction prevention and transitional supports.

In 2019-2020, the HOP expanded to include a peer-led housing help drop-in program to address the ongoing challenges in accessing affordable housing and to assist clients with navigating the housing system. This year, the HOP assisted 356 active clients, assisting 99 people living with HIV/AIDS to get housing. Through the peer-led housing help drop-in, 229 clients received supports around eviction prevention, private market housing search, and housing waitlist application updates and transfer requests.

“I have been living with my friend/caregiver for years. As time goes on I can feel my health declining, my short-term memory is not as sharp as it once was and my friend/caregiver having to be more patient with me and my evolving challenges. I have also been feeling more isolated as of late. Recently our landlord gave us notice that we must move as they were selling the property. This news sent me into a panic because I had no idea what to do, where to look. I got connected to HOP, they were very honest with me and gave me options. Some of the options were very hard to hear but they were reassuring with the support they could provide me. I felt uneasy about the future but I didn’t feel alone. Through diligent work and numerous applications HOP helped me secure an offer for me and my friend/caregiver. I was going through so much stress but HOP helped me so much with coping mechanisms for my memory issues, I am so grateful I am able to maintain my quality of life with my friend/caregiver. The offer I got was from a place that also has support staff on site. Now my friend/caregiver can have some respite and more emphasis can be placed on FRIEND not caregiver. Thanks so much!” – HOP Client