OHSUTP is now OHRN as of October 2018!

We are pleased to introduce the Ontario Harm Reduction Network (OHRN) – an evolution of the Ontario HIV Substance Use Training Program (OHSUTP).

We believe this is the right moment to introduce a refreshed program, with a renewed focus and mandate, and new name, logo and website. The Ontario HIV and Substance Use Training Program (known by many as “OhShutUp”) will be replaced by the Ontario Harm Reduction Network (OHRN), as we are striving to better meet the needs of those working in Harm Reduction throughout Ontario.

OHRN’s Vision

People who use drugs are treated with dignity and respect, free of judgment, and receive effective care and support when accessing services across Ontario.

OHRN’s Mission

To enhance the capacity of service providers and organizations to effectively serve people who use drugs by providing training, education and networking opportunities

At the core of OHRN is a provincial network of over 80 frontline Harm Reduction workers. OHRN will focus on continued development and strengthening of this network, to ensure a robust provincial response to the needs of people who use drugs.

In order to keep up with the demand for current harm reduction resources, information, educational and training needs, and worker and organizational supports, OHRN will focus our work on three primary audiences: HIV/HCV Service Organizations; Community Health Centres; and Public Health Units.

We have identified the need for more in-depth harm reduction training and supports, as well as deeper information on specific substances, overdose awareness and prevention, and organizational needs. To better serve and be more accessible to the province, we are also changing the nature of how we deliver much of our work, offering more online training and webinars. We will still organize some networking events and occasional in-person trainings.

Please visit www.ohrn.org to learn more about our work, see what resources and supports we can provide, and to connect with us.

The OHRN Team: Nick Boyce; Francisco Sapp; Kim Trenchard.

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