Remembering Ruthann

On August 15th, Fife House was honoured to host a memorial and dedication of our rooftop healing garden for Ruthann Tucker who passed away in February of this year.

Ruthann dedicated her life to HIV/AIDS communities across Canada, working at the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), AIDS Vancouver Island, Fife House, Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN), and The Hamilton AIDS Network. Ruthann’s vision, drive and passion led to Fife House’s largest expansion of housing and support services. The Tony Di Pede Residence / Wellesley Central Residence is the culmination of her incredible work, and provides 112 units of supportive housing, as well as acting as the site of our Transitional Housing Program, Wellness Programs, Community Programs and Fife House’s home.

Family, friends, community members and loved ones joined us for a dedication ceremony. Many shared memories of Ruthann as a fierce community champion, and a calm, funny and driven advocate and leader for those living with HIV/AIDS. A plaque marking the rooftop as the Ruthann Tucker Memorial Garden has been erected in her honour and a lilac bush has been planted for our residents to enjoy come spring.

Fife House is forever grateful for the remarkable contributions of this remarkable woman, and sends our love and best wishes to her widow lisaj, son Max, and all those who were close to her.