Stories of Hope

Client Stories

Fife House has helped thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS find affordable housing through our various programs and initiatives. To read the personal stories of some of our clients and learn how they received support through Fife House, click on the links below.

  • Anthony is a former client of our Homeless Outreach Program. He began having trouble with his eyesight in 2012 and lost his job because of his disability. Anthony was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease and was shocked to learn that he also had Hepatitis and HIV. The multitude of health issues led to Anthony losing his housing situation, which is the unfortunate result for many of our clients.
  • George is a well-known personality in the community. Now in his mid-60s, he’s been living with HIV/AIDS for 34 years. During that time he has lived in various places downtown and worked periodically, mostly in the restaurant business. But his living situation was very precarious.
  • Grace’s husband became abusive and she left him. Leaving her four children with a relative, she decided to come to Canada so she could work and support them, even though she knew very little English. On arrival she was asked if she was claiming refugee status. She didn’t understand what this meant and indicated she wanted to work. Eventually, she did end up claiming refugee status and as part of the process was required to have a medical exam, which is when she received some shocking news.
  • Mark received access to medical attention through Fife House’s Transitional Housing Program, as well as help locating services that would provide financial support. Fife House staff was with him every step of the way.
  • Elizabeth arrived in Canada in August of 2006 as a refugee having to leave her children behind with her mother. Living in a shelter, Elizabeth realized she would need help with affordable housing and her struggle to bring her children to Canada. In her search Elizabeth found and subsequently turned to Fife House for support.
  • Mathew is a former client of our residential housing program. He moved to Toronto from Sudbury in 2010 after being evicted and becoming homeless. Mathew’s HIV was symptomatic and he was dealing with a multitude of health issues, including schizophrenia for which he was not receiving treatment.
  • Xica is a 38 year old Trans Woman. She writes, “Since my arrival in Canada things have gone up and down and when they couldn’t go up anymore I found myself homeless, ostracized and suffering with stigma, discrimination and harassment. I found myself on the edge ready to call it quits, but then Fife House opened its doors for me and everything changed for the better.”
  • Ashley received life-changing support from Fife House’s Transitional Housing Program as she prepared for motherhood. She is now a homeowner and gives back to her community. Ashley is a shining example of what our clients can do when they have hope, help, and a place to call home.


Fife House has been supported by many wonderful friends and family who share similar beliefs and some with lived experiences to help people living with HIV in finding affordable housing through our various programs and initiatives. To read the stories shared by some of our volunteers, donors, and staffs in how they find their motivation through supporting Fife House, click on the links below.

  • Reverend Dr. John Joseph has been officiating LGBTQ+ marriage ceremonies for many years and is leading Pride Interfaith on June 18th. We asked him why he volunteers at Fife House, how he remains motivated, and what he is most excited about at Pride.

  • Michael Ham, a committed employee at our Jarvis site, spoke with us about the essential work he does as a team lead support worker, what drives him to undertake this work, and the AIDS vigil he will be leading on June 21st.

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