Strategic Directions


As of June 6, 2017

  1. Fife House will demonstrate leadership in developing and implementing effective approaches in the housing and support continuum to move homeless HIV+ persons, including those with aging and complex care issues, into safe and supportive housing.
    1. Continue to enhance a community programs strategy that will identify client needs and develop and implement activities focused on capacity, support and wellness.
    2. Continue to explore opportunities for partnerships with long-term care, clinical care, rehab and geriatric sectors to develop programming and services for aging PHAs and clients with complex cognitive and mental health issues
  2. Fife House will continue to work collaboratively and in partnership to increase supportive housing options for HIV+ individuals and families who are on the verge of homelessness or moving out of homelessness.
    1. By [date] commence operation of 9 Huntley project with full occupancy.
    2. By [date] review management contract with Myrmex and determine feasibility of merger with Fife House.
    3. Continue to explore opportunities for new housing development.
  3. Fife House will continue to look for opportunities to optimize its organizational effectiveness.
    1. Maintain existing initiatives and be responsive to opportunities for professional development to strengthen the ability of staff to fulfill their duties and lead to career development.
    2. Expand the capacity of human resources and administration to meet our funder and donor accountabilities and the needs of our growing organization.
    3. Increase internal capacity to support and staff the 9 Huntley project.
    4. Ensure projects and programs come on board and transition into the day-to-day operations in an effective and smooth manner.
    5. By [date] implement the Fife House GIPA/MIPA policy throughout the organization.
  4. Fife House will continue to look for opportunities to optimize its organizational viability.
    1. Continue to identify and act on new opportunities of individual and corporate fund development.
    2. Review and strengthen stewardship and donor-based funding development.
    3. May add more based on development review recommendations
  5. Fife House will explore opportunities and possibilities in community based research and evaluation, and enhance our use of evidence-based practices in order to improve our programs and services and inform policy change.
    1. By [date] opportunities to evaluate effectiveness and impact of the 9 Huntley project.


Fife House will work to ensure that our clients are linked into HIV care and treatment, as well as emotional and social support services. We will work with our partners – including but not limited to other AIDS service organizations, allied health organizations, HIV clinics and doctors – and local and provincial networks, to achieve seamless navigation of services for the individuals and communities that we work with across their lifespan.