Volunteer Recognition

Every year, Fife House recognizes the work, commitment, and dedication of our volunteers and peers who contributed to the organization. At the Annual Volunteer Recognition event, the following awards are handed to the volunteers:

  • Years of Service Awards for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service
  • Fife House Award
  • Outstanding New Volunteer Award
  • The Michael Large Award

The Fife Award

Each year, Fife House honors an individual, agency or corporation that has made an outstanding contribution to the agency and to the people that we serve. The Fife Award, a glass representation of an Inukshuk, is given to those individuals and organizations who demonstrate leadership and unselfish fellowship in their support of Fife House.

2019       Hollie Devlin
2018       Mirvish Productions
2017       Canada College of Massage and Hydrotherapy
2016       Duncan Newport
2015       RBC Financial Group
2014       BMO Financial Group
2013       Jeff Duford
2013       Bruce Mayhew
2012       Stephen Martin
2012       Sean McKenna
2011       William Merryweather
2011       Lynda Scott
2010       Tom Reynolds
2009       Greg George
2009       Adele Blady
2008       Ron Puccini
2008       Laurent Goulet
2008       Wayne Smith
2007       Stefanie McQuaid
2007       The Bingo Team Volunteers
2006       Murray Newman
2006       Helen Knight
2006       Gavin Clark
2005       Gary Glover
2005       Juanita Smith
2004       Patti Cooke
2004       The M.A.C. AIDS Fund
2003       Paul Cunningham
2001       John Lavis
2000       Daniel Poitras
1999       Sue Cooper
1998       Micheal Large
1997       Paul King
1996       Susan Barrable
1996       Pamela Iverson
1995       John Burgess
1995       Jenny Chomeychuk
1995       Stephen Cobb
1995       Gail Flintoft
1995       Janice O’Born

Outstanding New Volunteer Award

Honours and encourages the voluntary contributions of someone new to the Fife House Foundation volunteer team within the past twelve months.

2019       Christine Gagnon
2018       Lorne Winsor
2017       Garnet Barlow
2016       Evana Ortigoza
2015       Fredrick Cole
2014       Annette Archambault
2012       Raissa Trusevych
2011       Lynda Scott
2010       Mark Johnston
2009       Matt Bowen
2008       Bright Drah
2008       Tarry Steckly

Micheal Large Award

Started in 2014, this award is named after Micheal Large, the first Fife House Volunteer Coordinator, from 1993 to 2008. He died in March 2014.

Micheal lived with HIV/AIDS for many years and was open about his status. He believed in the meaningful involvement and engagement of people living with HIV/AIDS in volunteer roles before GIPA and MIPA were named. He started with Fife House as a volunteer himself.

This award honours a volunteer living with HIV/AIDS who is open about their status, for their outstanding contributions and the impact of their work on Fife House and the people we serve.

2019      Habte Andebirhan
2018      Andrew Kennedy
2017      Rick Sullivan
2016      Colin Johnson
2015       Robert Wilson
2014       Gary Glover